At Trompettersfontein Safaris we offer two type of Safaris; the'Photo-safaris' for the nature lover; and the 'Hunt' for the more adventurous. There is a wide variety of plains game to see and hunt. Cape eland, Kudus, Impala , Blesbuck ,Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Leopard , White Rhino , Cape Buffalo and to name a few. We also have vast range of bird life in the area ranging from Crested Francolin and Swainsons Francolin to Guinea Fowl and Sand Grouse. During your safari you may be lucky enough to see the Big 5!

We do customize our safari and hunts to suit our guests. Night safaris can be arranged on request. A typical Daily Program would look something like this:

05:00 Wake-up and tea
05:30 Depart for morning safari
08:30 Breakfast out in the bush
12:30 Return for lunch
15:00 Leave for afternoon safari
19:00 Return for sundowners and boma dinner

Rifle Hunting
The hunting season is from April - September. However at Trompettersfontein Safaris we have an exemption permit that allows you to hunt throughout the year. We pride ourselves on ethical hunting and fair chase methods allowing our guests to experience the actual game of hunter and hunted. Hunt large game at game rich hunting areas and take home record class trophies. Our guests from other parts of the world will be accompanied by a guide / professional hunter for a safe and successful hunt.

Bow Hunting
We also provide for bow hunters which is most popular with the South African hunters. We make use of tree stands, pit blinds and of course "walk and stalk". Hunting could differ from mountainous areas to flat plains or thick bush depending on what you are after. Whatever the choice may be, we promise you will leave with an unforgettable experience yearning for more.

Our facilities include a cold room and freezer. We will also take great care of your trophies in the initial process of skinning and salting. We can then assist you in getting the best taxidermist for a fee, depending on the animal and type of mount; you could take home a trophy to remember your stay at Trompettersfontein. We will arrange for a fee all permits to allow you to export the trophy out of South Africa.

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