We sincerely hope that this was not our last hunt in South Africa, and it definitely will not be our last with Trompettersfontein.
Victor Polintski, Russia

This was by far the best hunt I have ever had outside of the US. The Professional Hunters were top notch and and excellent in every respect. I will definitely hunt with Trompettersfontein again.
Hector Mellon, USA

This was an outstanding trip. The staff at Trompettersfontein were extremely professional and really know how to provide an exciting and unforgettable African experience. The quantity and quality of trophy animals was all that any hunter could ask for. I'll be back.
Hillary Duncan, USA

This trip exceeded all expectations. The overall experience with Trompettersfontein, to include the service at the lodge, the Professional Hunter's extensive knowledge of the terrain and habits of the game animals will provide memories to last a life time.
Boman Irani, India

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